About Us


Changling Security Cages are made of security wire partition products designed to deliver secured storage, guarding and safety solutions across many industries. We can supply security cage products of the most innovative styles and high quality. Strict quality control processes combined with superior materials and unsurpassed customer service, make Changling security cages very popular with our customers. We are now exporting to many countries including USA, UK, European and other countries.

As a specialized China manufacturer and exporter, we actually can supply wire mesh security cages of stainless steel, vinyl coated or chrome coated steel in any sizes and a wide variety of designs, options are available, such as: windows, sliding doors, ceilings and specialty colors.

Our security cages include wire partition cages, mobile security cages, transport security cages, container type cages, stationary security cages and storage type cages. We also supply various wire lockers, trolleys and other cage type wire formed products for storage or transport with good quality.

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